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Do-It-Yourself Coaching Exercise

Here is an easy exercise to keep you growing on a regular basis and help keep you honest with yourself. One of my all-time favorite books is Leadership & Self-Deception, by The Arbinger Institute.  I also like the sequel, The Anatomy of Peace.  I read “LSD” at least once a year, and usually deliver a […]

Difficult Feels Terrific!

Whaat? Difficult feels terrific? Yup. When we actually do (rather than just think about it) something that feels difficult, we get a feeling and energy burst that is…..terrific! This Sunday morning of May 1st, it was pouring rain and 36 degrees out. Many of you know that an integral part of my morning architecture is […]

Pretend Customer Service – Don’t Do It!

Most companies have gotten wise to the fact that customers want to feel appreciated. They use the right language, especially on their voicemail and “hold” menus. “Your call is very important to us! And we appreciate your patience. A representative will be with you shortly. Please continue to hold.” (more…)

Choose the Right Story for You…

Much of our outlook and level of Happiness is determined by the stories we tell ourselves. If you are looking for offense, you will surely find a way to see it,  whether it was real or not, and whether it was intended or not. (more…)

What will you be remembered for?

It’s hard to play the trumpet when you’re crying.  But I do, most every Memorial Day for the past 16 years since I moved to Durango, Colorado. Back then, I saw a sign that said “estate sale” and I was looking for furniture for my new home so I stopped in.  (more…)

Choosing To Be Humbled – What?!

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? When we’re always trying our best to look good, why would you seek out being humbled? I had this opportunity recently, though I didn’t choose it consciously the first time around. (more…)