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How to Super-Charge Your Energy

Think of yourself as a battery.  A battery stores energy.  Fully charged, it has lots of juice and can supply power to run all kinds of things.  When a battery is weak, say in a flashlight, the light is dim and might shut off completely at any moment. People fall into three categories:  Chargers, Drainers or Neutrals.  How much energy […]

The Giving Back Gang – Holiday Party at Maria’s Bookshop

Local Authors Supporting Local Nonprofits Friday, December 7, 2012 – 6-8 p.m. Ginger Jenks, author of “Wag, Live, Love – What Dogs Teach Us About Happiness and Life” is part of the Giving Back Gang. Join us at Maria’s Bookshop, which is hosting an event a showcasing 18 of SW Colorado’s most talented and generous authors, […]

Can Coaching Kick-Start Your Career? reporter Susanne Gargiulo talks with Ginger Jenks about trends in the coaching industry and why it’s becoming a “must have” arrow in the quiver of top performers and organizations. Read the article here >>  

We Are All Connected…

Durango, Colorado displayed a truly powerful connection today – 9000+ people gathered along the now complete 7-mile Animas River Trail, holding hands to demonstrate that we are truly connected as a community.  There were a few gaps, and team captains encouraged citizens to “extend yourselves!  reach out!”    Isn’t that exactly what we need to […]

Consider carefully the power of your words…

Consider carefully the power of your words….”Four things come not back: the spoken word, the sped arrow, time past, the neglected opportunity.” ~ Omar Ibnal-Halif A fence : A story with a great moral… There once was a young boy with a very bad temper. The boy’s father wanted to teach him a lesson, so […]

Life isn’t about waiting for retirement

It’s about living every day so well that there is nothing to wait for.   Meet Hazel, the 88-year old mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, who has run the city for 31 years and still loves it.     Thanks to my friend Mary Carlson in NM for sending this my way….

How Does Change Happen, Really?

Most coaching clients come because they want change of some kind. And we coaches have businesses because it’s really hard to make change and to make change that sticks. Certainly some change is not within (or entirely within) our control.  So Discipline has to do with things that are really, completely within our control. Why […]

Live Fearlessly and Live in Gratitude

Watch this 4-minute video; I guarantee it will make your day. Or watch it on Mashable – click here. Michael Lazerow just sold his company, Buddy Media, for almost three-quarters of a billion dollars.  But that’s not first on his gratitude list. Look at this guy’s eyes – there is a softness and a peace that […]

Connecting the Dots on Happiness, Productivity and Dogs

A basic precept of Wag, Live, Love and Magellan Enterprises is “More Joy, Better Results.” When we are happier, we are more creative, resourceful and productive – more successful! An Associated Press article  on June 17th by Sue Manning points out that savvy employers are realizing this as well, and promoting more happiness in their […]