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How Does Change Happen, Really?

Most coaching clients come because they want change of some kind. And we coaches have businesses because it’s really hard to make change and to make change that sticks. Certainly some change is not within (or entirely within) our control.  So Discipline has to do with things that are really, completely within our control. Why […]

Live Fearlessly and Live in Gratitude

Watch this 4-minute video; I guarantee it will make your day. Or watch it on Mashable – click here. Michael Lazerow just sold his company, Buddy Media, for almost three-quarters of a billion dollars.  But that’s not first on his gratitude list. Look at this guy’s eyes – there is a softness and a peace that […]

Connecting the Dots on Happiness, Productivity and Dogs

A basic precept of Wag, Live, Love and Magellan Enterprises is “More Joy, Better Results.” When we are happier, we are more creative, resourceful and productive – more successful! An Associated Press article  on June 17th by Sue Manning points out that savvy employers are realizing this as well, and promoting more happiness in their […]

Who Do You Choose To Be?

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson’s quote hits the nail on the head with respect to why good communication is so elusive. Many times a person’s (including ourselves!) actions don’t match the words they’ve spoken. This is extremely confusing for an observer or […]

When You Can’t Do Anything Wrong…or Right

Have you ever noticed how good and bad things seem to happen in groups? You can be on a roll, when everything just seems to flow and you can’t do anything wrong. And the reverse also seems to happen, where so many things go awry you’re afraid to get out of bed in the morning. […]

When Results are Delayed

When a client comes to me for coaching, it’s usually for one or both of these reasons: The client wants to make a change, such as find a new job or career, make a successful transition in a promotion or move, or implement a new structure at an organization. The client wants to evolve her […]

What Must You Do?

We had a springtime blizzard here in Durango, Colorado this morning.  I was walking my dogs in the early hours, marveling at the paradox of birds singing and crocus blooming with the almost horizontally pelting snow.  The red cliffs are adorned once again with their white “petticoats,” perhaps for the last time until next winter. […]

What Do You Want Most?

“The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want at the moment .” ~Anonymous~ Those of you who work with me know that this has been a theme for the past year – discipline. Discipline in the best sense brings us exactly what we want. It is […]

Vision Part II – Bringing Your Vision to Reality

In last month’s article, the focus was on how to articulate your Vision. This issue will focus on the next step – going from idea to reality. One of the questions I’m most often asked by clients doing Vision work is, “should I make it something I know is achievable?” My take on this is, […]


What is your vision? For yourself, for your organization and for the world? I get many clients who want to work on their vision, purpose and mission statements. This series of articles will address the why and how of articulating these important inter-related statements. Why is articulating a vision important? Because a vision is what […]