We Are All Connected…

Photo by: JOSH STEPHENSON/Durango Herald

Durango, Colorado displayed a truly powerful connection today – 9000+ people gathered along the now complete 7-mile Animas River Trail, holding hands to demonstrate that we are truly connected as a community.  There were a few gaps, and team captains encouraged citizens to “extend yourselves!  reach out!”


 Isn’t that exactly what we need to do as communities, when there are gaps?  The metaphor was powerful.  And when everyone did reach out, we were connected.   And when we humans break out of our comfort zones and connect, it raises our happiness index.


Leaders need to have the courage to help teams and organizations connect, too – we’re all better at what we do when we are grounded in connection.  As individuals, we can reach out and extend ourselves, too – at home, in our community and in our workplace.


For photos and the Durango Herald story on this event today, click here:  http://durangoherald.com/article/20120927/NEWS01/120929598/