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Ready to have an amazing Forum retreat experience?  Want to have Chapter events, Forum Fundamentals and Moderator training that get your members energized and engaged? Are you intrigued with the YPO Mentoring program or Four Step Forum Exploration process, but want support in getting them rolled out or refreshed?  Would a strategic planning retreat give your chapter a stonger foundation from which you can really build a legacy?

Ginger – You rocked!  We got a lot out of your facilitation and approach. Your energy and thoughtfulness matched what was needed in Bravo Forum on this retreat. Thanks for making what you do feel effortless on our journey to becoming bad ass. We will continue the conversations!”

Jeff Pruitt
YPO Arizona
CEO, Tallwave Capital

Prior to working with Ginger, I was chronically frustrated with my inability to accomplish my objectives as effectively as I knew I could. Just as frustrating was the fact that – when exploring where the breakdowns occurred – I realized that it was ME (not a dearth of time or a shortage of options or ideas) getting in the way of my own effectiveness.

Stepping back and exploring these breakdowns only became more frustrating because of how vexing even (seemingly) simple changes proved to be when implementing. “Doctor, Heal Thyself” is far easier to say than to do. While hopeful that a coach would prove helpful, my skepticism toward coaching lay just below the surface. Nevertheless, I endeavored to give it a shot. At exactly the time I engaged Ginger, I found myself dealing with the most significant professional challenge I have faced over the past decade.

Having Ginger as a sounding board proved to be invaluable throughout. Rather than peaking there, over the past six years we have established a relationship which is so  important to me that I don’t make a major decision without consulting her on the “how” and almost always on the “what.”  The issues we work on run the gamut…from personal to professional, and I have utilized Ginger’s team exercises, practices and cadences as an important part of running my own firm, in helping the companies I advise, in optimizing the boards I serve on and in refining my own YPO Forum and small groups that I lead.”

Brett Keith
YPO Metro New York
Managing Partner
Rockwood Equity Partners
New York, NY


Get a quick taste of Ginger here:

Ginger Jenks is a Speaker Resource, Certified Forum Facilitator and Certified Mentoring Facilitator for YPO (Young Presidents Organization, as well as a Master Certified Coach.

Ginger has been coaching YPO-er’s since 2002, and has been working with Forums since 2008.  Ginger has a deep appreciation for the diversity of YPO members, and a talent for facilitating deep connection and creating terrific take-home value.

I worked with Ginger for a number of years for goal setting and focus for my company and personal life. She has the ability of getting to the heart of what a CEO should be focusing on and keeping that focus in the right place. The things she has pushed me to do have created some of the most significant results in my life and business. Ginger Makes it Happen!”

Nick Jekogian
YPO New York City
former Chapter Chair
CEO, NWJ Companies and Signature Investment Group
New York, NY

Ginger Jenks is a talented resource with compelling insights garnered through years of experience. She not only manages to provide thoughtful take-home value, but does so with a refreshing touch of humor and practical wisdom. Her expert curation of the session enabled our group to renew its focus, clarify our vision, and consider strategic ideas we never would have contemplated before….”

J. Randall Waterfield
YPO New York City and America’s Gateway
YPO International Chairman
Chairman, The Waterfield Group
New York, NY



A former executive in the commercial real estate industry, Ginger is solidly grounded in the practical aspects of business, leadership and management.  She combines that with over 20 years in coaching, facilitation and consulting to bring emotional intelligence, left and right brain thinking to her work.  Balancing going deep with practical takeaways is a signature part of Ginger’s work with YPO’ers.


  • SuperCharge Week: drive engagement and cost effectiveness by doing a combination of Forum Fundamentals, Moderator Training, Forum SuperCharges, Taste of Mentoring/ Mentor Masterclass, Chapter Strategic Planning and Moderator Best Practices dinner.
  • Forum retreats that are customized, fun and deep, with high-impact results.
  • Chapter retreats
  • Forum SuperCharge
  • Moderator best practices dinners
  • Motivational speaking
  • Coaching
  • Team building
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership development
  • Communication programs
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Virtual facilitation – workshops, retreats, moderator calls
  • More Joy, Better Results!™ – Building a strong Happiness Platform
  • Making Forum Deeper and Stronger – Embracing Your Inner Dog™
  • Professional Human Being™ – Holistic Development
  • 9 Goals™ – Creating your Personal Compass and Road Map
  • Certified DISC assessment provider and facilitator
  • Vision, Values and Needs – Defining Your Compass
  • Strategic planning
  • Work/life balance
  • Living an intentional life (life design)
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Cutting through the BS and getting to the heart of the matter


I’ve had the privilege of working with Ginger for many years; the impact she has had on my life, and those who she also coaches at StoneAge, has been profound.Her coaching style is direct, useful, and life changing. She has also worked her magic in many of our strategic planning and training sessions where she has facilitated communication, planning, and visioning, leading us to solid deliverables and action plans we can all work to. Ginger is a pleasure to work with and an integral part of the StoneAge team. I highly recommend her.”

Kerry Siggins
YPO Rocky Mountain
CEO, StoneAge
Durango, CO



Qualifications and Certifications:

  • Has worked with YPO members, forums and chapters since 2002
  • Skilled and entertaining presenter
  • Master Certified Coach (MCC designation, top 1% of the coaching profession)
  • Over 20 years experience in facilitation, executive and life coaching, team building, and consulting.
  • Successful business owner for over 20 years (Magellan Enterprises)
  • Former executive
  • Six-time National Champion in two sports
  • Author of Wag, Live, Love – What Dogs Teach Us About Happiness and Life
  • Served on board of directors for the International Coach Federation, as well as other boards
  • Bachelor of Music – Boston University (varsity ski racing team)
  • Graduate, Coach University
  • Successful in multiple disciplines: coaching, business, sports, writing and music
  • Siemens Leadership Excellence faculty
  • Has led over 80 Forum, corporate and board retreats


“I was impressed and totally pleased with Ginger’s Facilitation and Coaching skills. I highly recommend her to any Chapter that would be interested in offering its members a Forum workshop. Following my experience with her, I now feel ready to take on the Moderator role at my own Forum.”

~ Member, America’s Gateway

I felt really comfortable and safe with Ginger. I think she made our group better today!”

Thank you again!

– Spouse Member, Oklahoma City

“Ginger, thank you so much for spending time with us. I could literally see a few walls come down on some of the group. You did a great job in getting us to the point we are now.”

– Member, Oklahoma City

To schedule a conversation with Ginger, please call +1 970 259 4847, +1 970 749 1330 or email ginger@magellangj.com.